Minister Regina Price, M.Ed., is a multifaceted individual whose life’s work revolves around empowering and transforming the lives of others. As an evangelist, motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Regina has dedicated her career to sharing messages of faith, hope, and resilience. With a deep passion for supporting individuals navigating trauma, she is also a certified trauma facilitator, helping survivors find healing and strength.

Regina’s educational journey began at World Harvest Bible College in 2001, where she pursued her passion for pastoral and general church leadership. In 2005, she received her degree in Pastoral and General Church Leadership, equipping her with a solid foundation in ministry and leadership. Throughout her career, Regina has continued to expand her knowledge and skills by obtaining various training certifications. These include Mental Health Youth First Aid, Mental Health Adult First Aid Instructor, Train the Trainer Trauma Informed Care, Anger Management, Restorative Circles, and Prepare and Enrich Facilitator.

Recognizing the importance of understanding human behavior and relationships, Regina pursued an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from Strayer University in 2011. This provided her with a solid grounding in organizational leadership and strategic management. Building on her commitment to education, Regina went on to complete her Master’s in Education in 2015, further enhancing her ability to connect with and inspire individuals on their journey to personal growth and transformation.

Beyond her academic achievements, Regina has served as a certified marriage and couples therapist, using her expertise to help couples build strong and fulfilling relationships. She is also a certified marriage commissioner and notary public, lending her services to couples embarking on their lifelong commitment.

Throughout her career, Regina Price has touched countless lives through her work as a minister, public speaker, and author. Her diverse range of skills and expertise enables her to make a lasting impact on individuals and communities. With her unwavering dedication to faith, personal growth, and mental health, Regina continues to inspire and empower those she encounters, offering them the tools and support needed to overcome challenges and embrace a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.